Sunday, March 16, 2008

Imagine yourself there

Here's a real view into Victoria's young life:

Princess Victoria peered out one of the massive windows in the drawing room at Windsor Castle. Dark outside, she could see nothing but the twinkling lights of the town from afar. She wondered what the people in those homes might be doing now, and a part of her wished she were there. What would it be like to live in a real house with a real family? She felt certain it would be … well, rather snug and cozy , with much comfort. Imagining someone at the stove, preparing a warm meal for the children made her lips curve up in a smile. Were they, too, looking out of their windows now, seeing only the lights of Windsor castle? Perhaps.

Looking away from the large glass pane, she surveyed the guests in the blue drawing room — many of them her royal relatives — awaiting the arrival of the King. He was coming soon, they had just been told. Although the actual birthday dinner would be held tomorrow evening, and almost one hundred people would be in attendance, a select group had assembled beforehand to see him tonight.

The massive doors opened, and the King and Queen entered the room. Oddly enough, they did not stand in their place to receive their guests as was the usual custom. Instead, the King made his way through the room … and appeared to be coming directly towards Victoria. Victoria watched as he approached. Indeed, he was coming her way. She curtseyed to the floor. He stopped and took her delicate white hands in his. She looked up at him with expectance, surprised at the whiteness of his hair. She noticed he looked very tired … and heavier than she remembered. ' What a pleasure to see you, my dear Victoria. How I do wish I would see you more often,' he said. His hands, large and warm on hers, felt good.

The Princess couldn't help but smile. The King let go of her hands suddenly and turned to the Princess's mother. He bowed slightly.

"I have just come from Kensington Palace," he said in a higher timbre of voice than he had used when speaking to Victoria moments ago. '"I have just come from Kensington Palace … where a most unwarrantable liberty has been taken with one my palaces. I found apartments that had been taken possession of … not only without my consent, but contrary to my commands. "

Victoria's heart thumped in her chest.

" I do not understand," the King continued in a loud tone, looking into the Duchess's eyes," nor will the King endure conduct so disrespectful. "

In a soft, quick voice the Duchess whispered, "It was for her health."

Frowning and displeased, the King turned away from the Duchess and began to walk away. Victoria's heart continued to pound and she looked at her mother's steely gaze as she watched the King walk away from her.

I cannot stand this!

As the sound of shocked sighs reverberated through the room, The Duchess linked her arm through her daughters, pulling her towards the window and away from prying eyes. " It was for your health and the doctor insisted this is what we must do and all of this was communicated to the King," she whispered.

" Mamma … "

"Such a stupid man," she whispered to her daughter. "He knew you were ill while we visited Ramsgate! He knew the doctor insisted you have air! He is a pig, I tell you," she hissed.

"Mamma, your face is getting red."

"He loves to do this to me," she spat.

"Please try to be calm while we are here. They are looking at us," Victoria pleaded.

"How dare he speak to me like that..."

"People are staring now," Victoria whispered in urgency.

The Duchess of Kent took a deep breath and stood up straighter. Pulling her daughter closer to the window, she ordered her to look out. '"Act as if you are interested in what you can see out the window."

Wanting to calm her mother, she gazed out the dark glass. " What time do you think we will be able to leave? '

"Not until he departs. I'm sure it will feel like forever."

"Aunt Augusta is over in the corner. She is most understanding and kind. Perhaps we should walk over to her and begin conversing."

"Was all of this really necessary? Do you see what your uncle puts me through? Always the same, I tell you."

"Certainly I wish he had not said what he did," Victoria offered, feeling beads of sweat on her forehead. "My heart is beating, too."

"See? He has upset you also."

"Mamma, I will be fine. Somehow we shall endure this."

"Never will I endure this again, I promise you," she told her daughter.

"Come Mamma, let's go to Aunt Augusta."

AND YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD PROBLEMS WITH YOUR RELATIVES! As you can see, Victoria was stuck in the middle between her mother and her Uncle, the King. They disliked eachother immensely.

I was lucky enough to get permission by the author to post this. I'm trying to get another another scene, which is much more dramatic. This is the closest, I think, we will ever come to really knowing what the Princess went through.

What do you think?


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